wanna connect my 7300 gt with a tv. HELP!!!!!

hi a;;

I found this section of the forum to be the best to post my query. If i am at the wrong place plz tell me where to post it.

now I have a geforce 7300 gt ddr2 graphics card with two dvi and one s video output. I want to connect it to a tv which does not have either of the inputs but only RCA input. So can I still connect my PC to the tv with the help of some adapter that can convert s video to rca??? also, does a converter exists that can convert dvi to RCA??????

I live in India. If such converters exist, can somebody from India (specifically Delhi), tell me where to find them??? any online store will help too..

And basically, i want some tutorial also as to how should i connect my pc with my tv so comments are welcome from anybody whether living in India or not. :lol: .
any help greatly appreciated....pl help me as soon as you can.

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  1. Quick short answer

    There is an adapter. Do you have a Radio Shack equivalent there? Almost any Audio/Video store should have the adapter you need.

    Now once you connect it you will notice that a TV has no where near the quality of a computer screen. However it will be acceptable for watching video's and playing 2d emulated games.

    One you get connected you need to go to you Nvidia control panel and turn it on. If the picture is all messed make sure your TV standard is selected.

    I will try to find you some pictures...in the mean time


    Well that page covers it....not allot changes....and the new Nvidia control panel is easy to use...
  2. Hey thanks Nukemaster.....you helped me a great deal...
    now the problem is, this is pretty much the same solution i was hoping for. and no such cable is available here as far as i know and i did search my market for this.. So if there are any Indians on this board, can they please tell me where i can find such cable in Delhi, India???

    and once again thanx atonne Nukemaster..Can you please tell me if there is cable that can convert DVI to RCA????
  3. More expensive but perhaps you can look for an RF modulator. They allow you to run S-vid on Coax

    NOT all modulators will do, but I can only assume you guys have DVD players that need to be hooked up to old TV's just like here.

    LAST resort?
    You want to build one?
    This is really all thats in the adapters anyway.

    Also maybe some shops online can ship the adapter out to you?


    Also maybe the title of the thread should have something to do with looking for a shop in your area.
  4. Nukemaster, I do have a DVD player but I dont wanna use it.

    I have two TV sets. One is a 20 year old 21 inches that has ony two composite inputs, one for video and one for sound(mono). The other one has the RCA input and is a 2000 BPL model(29 inches). Both are CRT(if that helps). Like you said I can use an s video to RCA converter. Thats ok and I will do it.
    And if I get a 7 pin connector, does that make a difference? I have a 4 pin one. I have read somewhere that 7 pin s video cable can be used with 4 pin one. Can anybody confirm this????

    And no, I dont have S video on my TV...
  5. I think there was a misunderstanding there.

    but I can only assume you guys have DVD players that need to be hooked up to old TV's just like here.

    By that i mean Modulators where designed to let you run a DVD player on an old TV. This device also lets you run a computer on a TV. I was not telling you to use your DVD player. I was telling you a modulator will let you run your computer on ANY tv. as long as it has a coax input.

    Now for the 7 vs 4 thing

    As you can see in the picture, some cards have a 7 pin and others have a 4. As such i suggest you just use a 4 in cable. The extra pins are depending on card for video in and RCA in/out, however the pinout is different for different cards so you better stick with what works, 4 pin. You can plug a 4pin cable to a 7pin connector but you can not plug a 7 pin cable into a 4 pin connector.

    Also note that some cards have a proprietary connector like the X1900's and many dell laptops. This however should not be a problem for you.

    Hope this helps
  6. ok nukemaster , I bought a S video to RCA converter and fired up the system with my 21 inch TV. but what all I get is a glowing ray of light, although my system does recognise it. What seems to be a problem here???
  7. Could you define "glowing ray of light"?

    Is the screen just real bright in the center?

    did you check the video standard? If it is set wrong the image will not display right. For example, My TV standard is NTSC if i set the video card to PAL the image will be black and white and jump all over. Maybe you are getting a similar problem.

    Sorry I do not know your TV system.

    You should be able to run Clone mode and test your settings. Also try to select composite. in some cases that can help.

    Just some images for reference.
  8. hey nukemaster u r d best..... :D
    by "glowing ray of light" i mean there is a ray of light at the center of the screen running horizontally...and its constantly there not affected by any changes i make in settings.....I even use TVttool(for nvidia owners, its tv display utility), but to no avail..Now I think my TV has gone bad, and ill have to get it repaired...
    Ill try to attach my 29 inch TV to my PC and let you know ASAp.
    one more thing, just now I noticed that my vid card has a 7 pin connector and am using a 4 pin connector..Ihope this is not an issue?????
    And thanx for your awesome suggestions and especially for those screenshots....
  9. Using a 4pin cable in a 7pin connection still works and shouldnt be an issue.

    I have an s-video(4-pin) + audio cable hooked up to my x1950Pro(7pin) and then connected to a scart plug and hooked up to my tv and it works fine.

    This is the website i used:


    and this is my cable:

    S-Video to Scart
  10. well that would suck if the tv is going. TV's are not made as good now days.

    In those screens i was running a 4pin(in the 7pin nvidia connector) svid to a composite adapter to my to tv.

    It should be working.
  11. Quote:
    TV's are not made as good now days.

    Well, the TV is 20 year old so ............. :lol:

    Anyways, thanx for the replies so far to everybody and especially Nukemaster. As soon as i try the other TV, ill let ya know...
  12. My tv is 15 yrs old and was a big thing to have s-video on it(big sales point)wow...now its hdtv,1080i,whats next...
  13. By built less well now i mean. that the tubes are of a lower quality. they do not last as long and if you run a flashing image you will see the image get bigger and smaller(try a lightning storm, better yet watch the time machine when he fires that thing up.). Do this to a 15+ year old tv and the image is solid and fixed. CRT monitors are the same way(some high end ones are still good).

    Its just an my opinion, but i am picky too....
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