BSOD Error and CTD when playing games.

All of a sudden I started having BSOD and CTD while playing WoW.

STOP: 0x0000008E 0xc0000005, 0xBF9c6038, 0xB92Bcc8C 0x00000000

dxg.sys - Adress BF9c603A base at BF9c2000 DateStamp 41107b93

Begining Dump of Phsyical Memory

I think it is a DirectX driver causing the problem? Because dxg.sys leads to a driver folder in system32 and is a DirectX file.

But I have no idea how to fix this?
I have not installed any new hardware or drivers lately. I did though, install recent windows updates the other day.

If anyone can help I will be really thankful!
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  1. seems to me that there is conflict with WoW and your version of directX
    or with your accelerator drivers
    suggest u get the dx9.c or 10 and try or get a set of updated accelerator drivers ....

    PS and older version of accelerator drivers could do the trick
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