hook up to home theater

getting a new pc, want to be able to hook up to home theater.

Panasonic AE700U 720p projector on 93" screen
SonySTR-DE545 Receiver DTS Optical
Denon Upconverting DVD Player dvd-1910

e4300, ds3
evga 7900gs ko
bluegears benspirer sound optical out

I previously tried to hook up my now deceased rig to the projector with a DVI to HDMI cable. The gpu was a x800se. It was quite difficult and i couldn't get it to work in games or boot up straight from XP.

I was thinking of getting a VGA cable for video and a optical audio cable for audio. The vga cable would hook up to the projector and the optical to the Sony receiver.

The vga card comes with 2 dvi to vga adaptors, so I would use one to convert a dvi port to male vga. To connect to the projector which has male vga, I would need a female-female cable no? Since the projector is on the ceiling I would need a vga cable that is at LEAST 10ft long, preferably 15ft or longer.

The audio card outputs in dts optical and the receiver accepts it. Therefore I need a proper cable. Once again, the cable must be at least 10ft long.

No Monster Cables please, I already have a dvi to hdmi one running from the denon to the projector, and its taped to the ceiling.

Sigh, well that should wrap it up. In summary, Im looking for a 10-25ft female to female vga cable and a 10-25ft optical cable. If im wrong about the cable ends, correct me please.

*btw* I already have a female to female 6ft cable that came w/ my dell lcd. Could I use this along w/ a female-male cable to hook it up?:::

(card)male dvi
female dvi(adapter)
male vga(other side of adapter)
female vga (6ft cable)
female vga (other side of 6ft)
male vga (new mf vga cable)
female vga (other side of new cable)
male vga (projector)

Is there an easier way to do this? I dont want to get a cable that converts DVI to VGA, because I had a bad experience with one of those. I think that simple VGA should be fine, blast image quality to he!!.

Also, does the nvidia card come with an easy to use utility that will allow me to hook up the 7900gs to the projector as a main display? If not does anyone know of a good free program for that?

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  1. Quote:
    Hooking the sound up is no problem. All you need is the optical cable or a couple of stereo headphone jack to RCA jack cables to go from the sound card to the sound system. The Projector will work but you will have poor video quality. It will not be suitible for gaming but you can use it for general in windows operation and movies though you will still have poor video quality.

    Could you explain a bit more, and perhaps give some suggestions?
    When I hooked up my old pc and played hd trailers it looked superb (dvi to hdmi) Will my DVI to HDMI cable work? Are the forceware drivers better than catalyst in this sense?
    I already have a 16ft dvi to hdmi cable, could this be easily used in conjunction with software to make everything look nice?
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