DS3 3.3 and additional FANs?

I got DS3 3.3. Could you help me what I have to do if I need more than 3 fans? I used up all 3 FAN plugs, and I need two more plug for HDD cooler etc..
What can I do? I cannot find any empty slot on my MB.

Thank you!
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  1. I'm assuming you're talking about the 3-pin MB headers? Well, if you've used them all up, then there's not much else you can do other than to buy some 3-pin to 4-pin power supply adapters:


    Here's a great site for misc. stuff like that.
  2. thank you for the info sir! :D
  3. You're welcome, and good luck with your build. :)
  4. I used these Y-cables.


    Group similar fans together as you will only measure the speed of one fan, but if they are identical, you know they run at the same RPM.
  5. Well, even better!!! :D
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