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New build-What next?

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April 8, 2007 8:53:54 AM

First off I will say a big HI! to everyone and second I appologise for anything I do wrong on this site as believe it or not Im an internet forum virgin, oh! and I cant spell to save my life.
There, now thats out of the way please let me tell you all how excited I am after just building the second computer in my life

Asus P5N32-E SLI
Intel E6600
Artic Freezer 7 Pro
Corsair Twinx 2gb ddr2 8500C5
Evga 8800gts superclock 320mb
Corsair hx 520w modular ps
Wd Raptor 74gb
Seagate barracuda 400gb
Plextor 18x dvd
All housed in a (i think) subtle coolmaster cav3 case.

The first i built is writing this right now after 7 years of crash free service.
Now i dont pretennd to know much about pc's but i sure have enjoyed learning a great deal more in the last 3 weeks of resurching my new bits.
I hope I have chosen well as my money comes with blood :evil:  sweat :oops:  and tears :x .
Any how , at last they cry, I will get to my point. I have read much conflicting advise about drivers, bios's and vista worries and,,,,,,,,,,,wait for it,,,,,,,,,dont laugh,,,,,,,am I right in thinking to have a wicked fast uncluttered machine that for the first boot up what i should do is go straight into my bios, set all my manufacturers default settings, load my fresh vista 32bit premium then my modem and go straight to microsoft for all updates available. And let vista drivers run my complete set up (if this is possible) then download the most recent bios update and put it on a usb pen storage. Then re boot, go into bios and use ez flash to update my bios? then to overclock in the future just do it all manually in bios?
Do I do what it says in the manual and load every bit of c**p that comes on the suplied discs (or maybe its not c**p) ?
Again forgive me my little knowledge and will welcome good advise with open arms.
Damm I cant find spell check :wink:

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April 8, 2007 9:53:46 AM

Heh, you seem a little paranoid. You have it all right. The P5N32-E SLI is a little tricky setting the boot order when you have more than one hard drive. The boot order menu only gives you an option for hard drive, but not which one, that is in a different menu.

Also Asus has software to flash the BIOS through Windows "Asus Update", it's safe, doesn't matter which way you do it.

Other than motherboard drivers and Asus Update, the rest of the stuff is crap, don't worry about it. DO NOT INSTALL NAM (Nvidia's Network Access Manager) it will likely screw up.

Overclock in the BIOS, Asus overclocking software for windows is crap also. Don't install it.

Use Firefox, it has spellcheck built in. :wink:
April 8, 2007 9:59:03 AM

It really won't make any difference... Having said that, make sure you've got all the latest mobo drivers (for Vista, obviously) to hand on a CD, so that if Vista has a hissy-fit you've got them there and then. The latest drivers will also likely be the most stable, and I know that that mobo has had a few teething problems.
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April 10, 2007 7:43:24 PM

Thanks for the advise guy's. It did make me a little paranoid, maybe I read too much on the subject.
Still waiting for my o/s to arrive though :(  .
April 12, 2007 2:29:40 AM

You're system looks good, well researched. You should definitely Overclock this system, its an OC'ing as well as a pretty good gaming system.

I wouldn't recommend updating the BIOS until its actually necessary to do so.
April 12, 2007 2:40:49 AM

Your getting Vista 32bit? Why not the 64? (or is there something "I" haven't researched)?
April 12, 2007 5:31:16 AM

Your getting Vista 32bit? Why not the 64? (or is there something "I" haven't researched)?

Driver support in Vista 64 is currently mediocre (to be generous).
April 12, 2007 5:59:14 AM

Your getting Vista 32bit? Why not the 64? (or is there something "I" haven't researched)?

Driver support in Vista 64 is currently mediocre (to be generous).

64bit Vista is not that bad, I have drivers for all my hardware, all my games work fine, the only thing I had to change was my AV software.
April 12, 2007 1:10:17 PM

I did look into 64bit vista and heard a few horror stories, also couldnt see much in the way of an advantage, might wait a year. What are the real world advantages? Anyone know?