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hi, hope any1 can help me out, i recently bought a new pc case, and look at the front panel and the pc case, its different im not sure which leds to go which.. hope you can help

PWR LED 3 pin header but the middle one has no wires on it
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  1. I think I can figure out where everything goes, except the speaker. Someone smarter than me is going to have to help you.
  2. any ideas? i think the speaker i just leave that out i guess...
  3. what board?
  4. my pc is PACKARD BELL IMEDIA 5109
    Columbia (GA-8SIML) Ver 1.0 µATX motherboard

    icute a04bh case

    Speaker - 4 Pin slot - (Orange & Black Wires)
    H.D.D. LED - 2 Pin Slot - (Red & White)
    Power LED - 3 Pin Slot - (Green & White)
    Reset SW - 2 Pin Slot - (Blue & White)
    Power SW - 2 Pin Slot - (Orange & White)

  5. This is from gigabyte. but looks nothing like yours(you have IR with it?)... Can you confirm if your looks like mine(count the pins)?

    Happy Easter All!!!!
  6. yeh i downloaded that manual from that gigabyte site
    and i check on the packard bell site as well

  7. it looks like Packard Bell used a Intel based FP connector(hp did it then as well as did most OEM's)

    Damn i hope this helps. While you can connect it all. it will be a pain in the ***. The standard is designed in a way that some grounds are shared. This makes it difficult to use new case connectors. If you wanted to make your own cable with joined grounds you can. But its easier to just get power and HDD led so you can see whats going on. That Packard Bell may not have ever had a Power LED or Reset switch anyway.

    when will they all standardize.....

    changed pic. It looks to be the same standard as the old K7S5A did...just with extra pins for IR and a Speed Button. tell me what you think? As for speaker. don't worry your board has it built in(buzzer)
  8. heya i have tried your method, looking at your diagrams and it works ^^ really appreciated, thx for you help, for the power led it had the 3 pin header, but the middle one had no wires on it so i took one of them out and put it in the middle so its next to each other

    when i took out the motherboard, look closely it had another front panel. it was exactly the same as in the manual downloaded from gigabyte website but you cant put the pins there >< weird so it had F_PANEL_NF instead and thats what i used.

    the speaker connectors dont think its really needed

  9. Yup my K7S5A was like that. just popped(with the help of a small screw driver) out the cable and moved it over a slot. As for the speaker. You don't need it as there is a speaker(they call it a buzzer, its tiny and black and down below the connector you just used.) on the board

    Glad you got it working.
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