H2O cooling QX6700. What happens to chipset heat pipe?

When the fan for the CPU is not used because you're watercooling it,
what happens to the chipset heat-pipe that relies on the CPU fan to dissipate the heat? How is this addressed? Are there retail aftermarket clip-on fans for the heat-pipe that would solve this? Any and all suggestions are welcomed.
Thank you in advance.
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  1. The Gigabyte 3D-Galaxy water kit comes with a fan to clip over the CPU socket. Assuming you aren't getting the 3D-Galaxy (aka Mickey Mouse) water cooling kit, you may have to MacGyver a very low speed (silent) 120mm fan to provide a tiny amount of airflow. Easy to check NB temps and I rarely see people that need to use a fan for the NB when water cooling.

    You can always buy a nice NB heatsink too.
  2. What motherboard are you using? Almost all the of the higher end Asus boards come with fans in the box designed to mount on the fins to cool the heatpipes if you are watercooling. The 680i boards come with the NB fan. If you can tell us what board you are using we could help more.
  3. The mobo I am looking at is an Asus P5NT WS. The reason I chose this one it's because it has all the features I want + a PCI-X slot to run my UW-360 Cheetahs. I have since found that other Asus mobo's do offer "an optional heatpipe fan" but I have not been able to find the part number. This one in particular does not offer it. The part number on the fan itself is: B5015L12C NF1. I found one on eBAy, but it was sold.
    Please inform me fi you find any info on availability of this fan.
    Thanks again!
  4. I would just suspend a fan using rubber bands or anything you can find...use your imagination.
  5. Yea for some reason that particular motherboard does not come with the included fans like the rest of them for the heat pipes. What i would do is contact Asus and see if they sell them or what you need to do about getting something similar to cool the heat pipes. If i am not mistaken all the included heat pipe fans are the same. So you could contact Asus and maybe have them verify and if they won't sell them try looking on Ebay or checking here on the Forums i am sure there are people that do not use them and might be willing to part with them. Maybe you could work out something with them or something.
  6. Thanks for the info.
    I finally found a source for the heat-pipe clip-on fans.
    http://estore.asus.com has them for sale on line.
    Part #:13G070341001 @$4.00/ea.
    So simple, you just gotta know where to look.
    I think it will also beat the hell out of a ruber-band mounted fan.
  7. Well that link doesn't work. But that is great news man congrats. And yea i would agree lol :D i wouldn't do any rubber band fans. Hope i was able to help you some with this problem. Anyways man take care hope you the best of luck on your build.
  8. Meh, I go for the silent 120mm fan, not a screaming whiney little fan but thats just me.

    My case is silent anyway, custome woodies will do that.
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