80mm fan in cd/dvd drive bays.

I recently came upon the scythe Kama.

My graphics card is so long that it basically blocks all incoming airflow from the front fan from getting to the cpu. I have extra 80mm fans lying around and i would like to one into the extra cd/dvd drive bays. Does anyone know the best way of going about this?
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  1. If your CD bay covers are not full of holes for ventilation it will not help.

    If you don't care about how it looks just take them out the rear fan(sure hope you have one) will do the rest.

    If you have 3 CD rom slots free you can use a 120mm fan :)
    Scythe Kama Bay

    you can also use hard drive coolers. there are some with an 80mm in 2 cd rom bays, but i cant find links right nows.
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