Weird Mouse Issue, Please Help~

Yeah. My mouse, the cursor just randomly freezes. The computer is fine, just the mouse. I have a G5 Laser mouse. If you're familiar with it, you would know it has the accelleration/deccelleration buttons on it, like those don't work, nothing mouse related works when it freezes. But I can still navigate on my computer by keyboard, so I know it's not completely frozen. I've heard of similar issues where people can still use the mouse, but its invisible, just the cursor froze. But I don't think I can do that. Anyone have any Idea why it does this? I emailed logitech but they didn't tell me anything.
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  1. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?
  2. Yeah, I've done the drivers. Updated firmware. Nothings changed it.
  3. Is the problem solved with a restart? if so,run memtest. I had the same problems w/ Logitech & MS and, after lots of basic no-help from both, memtest showed I had a bad stick. They r fine now
  4. Well I never restarted, I'm not sure. If I wait a few seconds to a minute, it starts working again. It's just really annoying to have it stall like that. And its really random with when and how long it freezes.
  5. Or try a different USB port? Really, though, it sounds like a driver issue. Can you run the mouse without the logitec drivers to see if it tracks normally (ie. windows default)?
  6. Yeah I really felt like it was just a driver error too. I'll try again. But when I uninstall drivers, It doesn't move at all I'm pretty sure.

    :edit: I did a MemTest and it passed. So that can't be it.
  7. It seems to freeze from other ports as well. It didn't do this on my old computer? It's getting really frustrating. And I emailed logitech support. That was useless. it was several weeks ago and I havnt even gotten some kind of automated response.

    :EDIT: On a side note. So I don't make a new thread. Maybe someone will know why my DVD Drive, a Plextor PX-755SA, appears in my plug and play menu? You know the "Safely Remove Hardware" function. That's always suspicious and I've noticed everyonce and a while, even though the drivers are windows embeded, they like...expire. It just stops working and I have to reinstall them. :?
  8. Grab it by the cord and smash it against the wall. This always works :lol:
  9. Quote:
    Just thought of it: maybe it's the mouse software that is set to a lower priority in the task manager or another software with priority set too high. Example if you are encoding a video and set the encoding software priority to high or real-time, look your cursor freeze a lot. Maybe it's just that. normal priority is the best choice for mouse software.

    I had high hopes for this one. It sounded just like what could be the problem since no one else gave me any ideas. And at first it seemed like it was it, because it looked like it was going a fairly long time without freezing. But it started it again. So I guess that wasn't it. I might try it some more. But I don't know, if know one has any other ideas, I guess I'll do what my cousin said. I'm gonna just reinstall windows. He said I could just do a windows repair, not a format. Maybe it'll work?
  10. You're going to want to backup your data before doing a repair install. Although it should only replace damaged windows files, if it screws up mid-install you will end up with a non-function operating system (blue screen) and it'll be a lot harder to save your files.

    The reason your Plextor is showing up under "Safely Remove Hardware" is because its a SATA device. All SATA drives are hot-swappable, meaning you can add or remove them from the system like you would a thumb drive. The same thing should happen for SATA hard drives as well (although it might depend on the firmware).

    Mouse: Have you scanned your computer for viruses and spyware? They could cause the symptoms you've described. Also, you might try an older driver if any are available.
  11. Wow thanks a lot. I'm glad I know that now, it was really bugging me.
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