Which of These 2 HDD's Will be Better For RAID 0 Setup

The first is the Single Platter 160GB 7200RPM 8MB Western Digital Caviar SE WD1600AAJS That Tom's Hardware Reviewed With 80mb/s transfer rates, and that it is insanely cool. LINK

The other is another Western Digital Caviar RE WD1600YS 160GB, but its not the one reviewed by Toms Hardware with 80mb/s however it is 16mb cache with RAID-specific time limited error recovery

My question is, in getting a set of these drives for a RAID 0 setup, would i be better off going with 2 of the praised Western Digital Caviar SE WD1600AAJS or the Caviar RE WD1600YS with RAID-specific time limited error recovery, or would it not really matter either way?
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  1. raid 0 or not, referring to the interactive charts, that is one fast 7200 hdd (the fastest 7200, or just about), having a 160GB platter certainly helps, lol

    go for the AAYS 16MB if it also has a 160GB platter, otherwise just go for the AAJS version with 8MB cache (also assuming theyre about the same price too)
  2. oh i didnt know they made a 16mb version of the AAYS
    ima look for it
    can you link me if u already got one
  3. i mustve misread what you put, i think i did

    either way, go for whichever one offers the larger platter size, the cache difference doesnt matter nearly as much

    unless you have a benchmark of the 1600YS, and its closely comparable to the AAJS in performance, the 1600YS wouldnt be worth considering, IMO
  4. but is the RE version as fast as the SE?
    And what makes it better?
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