HT Omega Striker or Auzentech Xplosion

hi guys, I'm currently using onboard audio right now with my el cheapo 2.0 speaker. I don't know what to pick between these 2 cards, and is it worth the extra $20 for the Auzentech:

HT Omega Striker
Auzentech Xplosion

And for the speakers, I'm planning to buy a 5.1 Creative T6100. I'm really looking forward to play Crysis. I'll purchase an 8600GT/GTS for the full DX10 potential w/ my 1280x1024 LCD. Suggestion plz?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. anyone? :( I'm hoping do buy it today, so it'll arrives on my birthday :o
  2. I recently bought the HT Omega Striker and there is a world of difference over the onboard of my A8N-SLI Premium. I'm using Monsoon IM700's. I have also heard good things about

    Sondigo Inferno
  3. oiii I bought the Auzentech Xplosion already, I couldn't wait :p but thx for the reply anywayz
  4. I had never heard of this card until I read this thread. Thanks a lot for linking me to it. I have been looking at the XPlosion and was almost ready to bite. With tax and shipping it is $91.48. This card is $27 cheaper and seems to be essentially the same as the AuzenTech. Just out of curiosity, why did you pick the XPlosion instead of the Striker?
  5. I think because of the price range, and the performance of the Auzentech Xplosion. I've read reviews comparing the Auzentech Xplosion and the lower-end of Auzentech, the XMystique, ~$60 price range with the HT Omega Striker.

    HT Omega is a good brand too, but, they don't only offer 2 cards:
    HT Omega Striker
    and HT Omega Claro

    thus didn't fall into the midrange card I've been looking for.

    This guy was pretty satisfied with it too :o

    And last, I personally would hate to see the limit of my component in a short period of time after I purchased it, so, I would rather pay an extra premium for it.

    Hope that helps.

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