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My 6 year old Dell crashed. It used Windows XP. I bought a new H-P and it has Windows 7. I am new to comuters and am computer semi-illiterate at best. I can't make heads or tails of the video tutorials. I bought "Windows 7, Quick Steps, and it's beyond me, too. I need a: first point cursor at.., then left-click mouse...step-by-step type of help. If you can help me, thanks. I had to mark, "Configuration & Customization" but maybe "General Discussion" would have been better. See what I mean, I lack vocabulary.
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    Hi Jim, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Well, Windows 7 is different than Win-XP and takes a little practice. It's a much more stable OS with lots more features, so you will enjoy it.

    The best way to learn the basic features is with one of the 'visual book paperbacks' where you can take things step by step and see in color exactly what to do. So when you get tired in front of your computer, you can still visualize the steps in the book/s.

    There are a couple easy visual books to consider:
    Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 7 by Paul McFedries, a great starter by a very good author.

    Windows 7 Plain & Simple, from MSPRess, by Jerry Joyce, paperback - 400 pages. Also a knowledgeable author. "Get the fast facts that make learning Windows 7 plain and simple! This no-nonsense guide uses easy, numbered steps and concise, straightforward pictures."

    Both available on Amazon, and show you how to do the basic steps. Much better than trying to answer specific questions initially

    That should get you started! Copying your old data files is not hard, but you need to understand the basic steps (copy, paste, drag, drop, etc.) to do them safely.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the how-to books. I'm still struggling with copy, paste, and drop. i'm sure it's only temporary.
  3. you might want to read up on how to use system restore as it sounds like you may make a few errors and knowing how to undo what you did may come in helpfull
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