Memory timmings on Msi p6n SLI

I just built my pc and now im looking into overclocking it just a taste :P

Deal is, i want to setup my fsb:dram ratio to 1:1 but i cant seem to find the option for it in bios, i set up the timings in bios for 266Mhz with timings that cpu-z gave me, but even now after oc fsb to 300Mhz Cpu @ 2.16Ghz my memory is only at 265Mhz at 8:7 ratio @ 4-4-4-10 2T...

so what should i do to get 1:1 ration any1 that is familiar with MSI mobos/bios

Mobo: Msi P6N sli
Cpu: c2d E6300
Memory: 2x 1Gb G.Skill ddr800
Vid: Evga 7900 gs
Ps: 500w Xclio
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  1. BIOS Setup>Cell menu>

    System Clock Mode [manual]
    FSB Speed/clock [1333 ] this is quad data rate/4 = CPU bus 333.35MHz.
    Memory Clock [667.5] this is DDR/2= 333.35MHz data rate = 1:1
    Multiplier [ 7 ] E6300, right? 7 x 333.35 = 2333.45MHz Core Speed

    FSB/4 = CPU host bus;
    CPU host bus x 7 (E6300)= CPU rated speed (a la CPU-Z)
    FSB/2 = Memory clock/2 (667.5 is Dual data rate) = Memory speed *yours is good to 400MHz (DDR800); this will keep you 1:1.

    However, if max performance is your goal, you should run your RAM at the highest setting you can achieve while maintaining 1T command rate and stability. With voltage within your warranty/comfort zone.

    For the E6300 (x7 multi) you'll get: 366.6/1466.6FSB (QDR) for 2.56GHz;
    375.0/1500 FSB (QDR) for 2.63GHz; you might get 399.9/1598.0 FSB/ 2.78GHz.

    For further attempts (after at least one reboot) you can set the System Clock Mode to linked and then just up the FSB clock setting (DRAM selection won't be available) and your RAM will follow. Watch your speed compared to the SPD info for the RAM. Loosen the timimings and increase voltage accordingly.

    Be sure and set IEST, C1E, Speed Spectrum, DOT to 'Disabled'.

    Everything that is known about these boards is available at-

    See ya there!

    P6N SLI Platinum, MSI, BIOS v. 1.0
    E6400 @ 2666.7MHz (8x333.35)
    w/Sythe Ninja plus Rev. B
    2GB Patriot PC-6400/DDR2-800 PDC22G6400LLK@400MHz
    XFX Fatal1ty GeForce 7600GT
    2xIDE HDD
    1xLiteOn DVD-R/RW
    Antec TP-430 PSU
    Presonus Firebox
    M-Audio O2

    2666.4 MHz (333.3x8) 1:1 ok 5:6 DRAM@400MHz- better!
    2932.8 MHz (366.6x8) 1:1 ok
    3000.0 MHz (375.0x8) 1:1 Alright!
    3200.0 MHz (400.0x8) oopso! So far!
  2. Very through dude, thankx alot. It will really help :P 8O :D 8)
  3. :D I am building a new system with this MB. I will be using a E6600 processor and 2 GB of OCZ DDR2 800Mhz memory with two SATA II 250 GB HD. I found a real good site that provides all types of good information about OCing this board. I plan to OC a little taste myself so I will be learning from the same location. I have read everything this have on this site and these guy are sharper than the Techies at MSI.

    Here is the link. Check it out and let me know what you think...

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