Share folder from Win2K Server to XP Home. Simple, right?

Hi, I'm trying to share a Win2K Server folder to XP Home. Can't even see the Win2K machine when I go to 'view workgroup computers.'

All properties in local area connections seem ok on both machines:
Client for Microsoft Networks
File and Print Sharing

Connection goes over router, but all firewalls turned off.

I've run the 'Set up a home or small office network' wizard. Workgroup names match on both machines. Folder on Win2K Server is set for sharing with user name and permissions.....

I see another thread that's also having problems. Are these two systems (Win2K Server and XP Home, in my case) even compatible for file sharing?
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  1. Yes, the entire NT family is compatible for file sharing. The same basic rules apply: Set up user accounts with proper passwords. Set up the share. Set up any share and folder permissions required.

    In addition, you might need to enable file and printer sharing, enable file sharing in the firewall, and perhaps disable simple file sharing.

    It's generally easiest to use the same account names and non-blank passwords on different machines. Sometimes blank passwords are not accepted across the network.

    The Windows network browser is often flaky, and you're generally better off using mapped drives. You can map drives from the Windows Explorer -- Tools / Map Network Drive.
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