I am an idiot (8800GTX help)

So...I have never worked with Nvidia or sata stuff before this new computer ( no the one I am on...the one I just built and have an issue with is sitting on the floor 8O )

I hooked everything up...and had the 8800GTX with ONE 6 pin connector because that is all I could use on my PSU...

God was I mistaken to do this...

I turned it on, installed windows, installed some programs/drivers and it worked fine for about a day...

I go to turn it on this morning and windows wont boot and it asks for a boot

It then restarts on me after the format...over and over again. Then the fans on the case and PSU flutter when it was on...I turned it off right away.

It was a power issue and I knew it. I did not think that I needed both 6 pins for the card to run right...

My PSU only has 1 there a connector for an 8 to 6 pin that I can buy?

Also, when I unplugged the card it all worked fine (no flutter from the fans or anything at all w/o card in it.)

Do you guys think the card is burned? God I hope not...I am going to try to find a converter tomorrow but I dunno if they can be found in my area...

Any help/advice would be great

Thanks guys
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  1. what psu have you got???

    and what are the amp readings on its side??
  2. I have a Raidmax Modular 630W PSU

    rating is 110 or something like that on the back.
  3. You'll need a molex to PCIe power adapter; the card should have come with one.
  4. There was nothing in the box...What does it look like? Hrm, I did not see anything in it at all...

    Oh...the card is by XFX if that makes a difference

    I really hope it is not burned out...I am just glad that they include a double life time warrenty haha!
  5. Anyone have any ideas at all on this one? Is the PSU not powerful enough at 630? Or have I lost the card by not have the second power chord into it while running it for the day?

    Blah I am scared for that it is easter sunday and no one is open
  6. I doubt you have knackard your card, I can't imagine being able to 'burn it out' by underpowering it. Probably all thats happening is that the card is trying to suck too much power down one rail, which is why you need two. As was already said, buy a molex to pci-e cable, and you should be fine!

  7. Excuseme Guys. Maybe this is a stupid question but . .

    May I change my Nvidia Quadro 286 NVS (256 MB), and Install a Nvidia 8800 GTX in a Dell Precision 490 ?.

    It has a 750 wtts power supply and 1 PCI-E 16x port.

    Thanks !!!
  8. Here is a quick link i located that will at least show you what you are suppose to have or be looking for. It is a Molex to PCI-E Adapter. You can locate it at most big online stores too, I just googled this really quickly for you. Hope this helps some.

    *Found a few other links with a better quality pic.
  9. awesome, thanks for replys and links guys. I am going to call up a local store about that molex adapter. you really think I should just upgrade the PSU all together for this system? I thought that the PSU would be good enough =/

    I only have 1 Sata Hard drive and 1 Sata DVD rom drive. My other hard drives are external and are USB 2.0

    I am hoping to not have to get a new PSU and just get an adapter...
  10. The problem with the PSU is it is very cheaply made. And I would say does not even put out the amount of power it says it does. To save yourself problems down the road man i would highly recommend upgrading and getting yourself a better PSU now and save yourself the headache.
  11. Any recommendations? I was looking at this one for a hundred bucks...

    Kingwin 600W Power Supply

    That one is a lower watt but it has the 2 pci I need
  12. What you will want to do is check out mpilchfamily great PSU guides. They are in his sig i will link them to you to help you out.
  13. Yeah I checked them out but did not get time to read through all of it. That you just input what you have and it spits out what you might need? Hrm, I will have to print it out and look it over again.
  14. Yes just input your system and it will give you a base of what you will need with your PSU. Once you know what you can use the first link of his sig and look through it and find yourself a PSU that matches what you need.
  15. I did the calculator and it said I only need a 376W PSU...
  16. Like many before me said, your card probably isn't burned out, just needs more power.

    I found this power supply on newegg, and from I see, it'll power your system MORE than fine!

    It's a hundred bucks after a rebate...soooooooooo yeah :P
  17. Quote:
    Excuseme Guys. Maybe this is a stupid question but . .

    May I change my Nvidia Quadro 286 NVS (256 MB), and Install a Nvidia 8800 GTX in a Dell Precision 490 ?.

    It has a 750 wtts power supply and 1 PCI-E 16x port.

    Thanks !!!

    its not a supported card, but it should work that power supply has 4 12v rails at 18 amps each, so power is not an issue.
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