Large Res LCD's to compare to a 19

I wanted to get the CRT shown in my sig, however after i bought it, tigerdirect cancelled the order because they said they didn't have it....

ANyway, so yes my sig lies and i am using my old 15" CRT :oops:

The whole reason i wanted a 19" crt is because i could get big res like 1920x1440? i think. But it seems very hard to find a crt, and i'm starting to warm up to the idea that lcd's have lots of space, ie. 22". Problem is most are widescreen and have low res, plus i'm not sure how widescreen works in games.

The only monitor i saw that i liked was 1920x1440, had 5ms response time i think, and 700:1 contrast I THINK, I'll get a link soon. Problem is its like 900 $ which is way to expensive for my liking.

Any suggestions on a good large res lcd monitor for gaming? I am looking for no ghosting and good colour, for maybe watching movies and such. :wink:


This is what i was first looking at when deciding between crt and lcd. Problem is its smallish and not high res, plus i heard about many problems with it.

This is one of the biggest 4:3 monitors i could find, although there are probably better ones at a cheaper price.

This monitor is one of the massive ones i was talking about, but look its like $900. Plus its probably not the best massive one
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  1. /Bump/

    Ps. On a side note, when do i become more than just a knimble Knuckle? 8)
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  3. Sweet thanks.

    No monitor recomendations? :wink:
  4. i think maybe master historian of thg comes next, or something like that...

    but, as far as lcds, im certainly no expert... but, i would think it would be very difficult to find a high resolution, high contrast, low latency, etc lcd monitor like youre wanting, that also falls within your budget (that you would also be happy with)... the easiest way i can think of, that would also meet all of your criteria, is to purchase two smaller narrow bezel lcds, and run them in horizontal spanning mode

    for instance...

    1920x1440 res = 2,764,800 pixels
    1280x1024*2 res = 2,621,440 pixels

    so you could run two 19" 4:3/5:4 lcd monitors, that could meet all of your criteria for visual quality, for much less expensive than a same size single lcd would run for... and you could also have the benefit of operating in 4:3/5:4 and 16:9/16:10 ratios... by either choosing to run one or both at any given time, to also allow for the broadest compatability range in games, and applications in general

    but, i think this is truthfully the most feasible way to go about it, if youre at all concerned about budget, and as long as you can also live with a narrow divider between the displays
  5. I have an Viewsonic VX922, great res @1280x1024 and a 2ms response. This LCD is a great buy! :D
  6. I don't think i'd do dual monitors, although my vid card can do it and it would be cool.

    I'm looking more towards the height of the res, not the width, hence i don't care if its widescreen as long at the height is the ie, 1200 or greater.

    I want my vid card to be able to stretch its legs in games. 8)

    PS. So anyone have an answer to teh difference between widescreen and normal in different situations?

    PPS. The Viewsonic is really nice, and i would get it, if it weren't for the res, if i'd get something that small, i'd get a crt and have uber res capability.

    This looks good for the price... whats the catch? 8)
  7. In general, I think you'll find that LCD monitors don't have a lot of variation in their resolutions like the CRT's do. Most 19" normal ratio monitors will be 1280x1024, most 20" and 22" widescreens will be 1680x1050, 24" WS will be 1920x1200...

    Your best bet is probably to find a non-widescreen 20 or 21" unit, which should get you 1600x1200. Your next step up in resolution is the 24" size you mentioned, which seems to start around the $700 price, is the same vertical dimesion (1200), but is just wider.

    Personally, I run a 20" widescreen. Don't play many games, but many games seem to have wide-screen resolutions now. Check out this site/forum, if you like:

  8. Thanks for that, I'm really warming up to that 1600x1200 one i posted, but it is old, so i might not. I also like the acer 24in for $750 CAD.

    I had a thought though :P , I read about SED monitors. Does anyone know if they will have a native res like lcd's and if they will become computer monitors any time soon?
  9. BTW, you can also look at the Dell 2407 24" monitor. The latest revisions seem to have fixed some of the issues they had with the first ones. I seem to remember the last round of "Dell Deals of the Day" had them for 650 or so, if you want to be patient (and you're in Canada).

  10. hey, i'm personaly planning on getting this LCD from NCIX;
    its got a high resolution( 1680x1050), relllllllly fast response time(2ms) and a hight contrast ratio(1000:1 or 3000:1 "dynamic").
  11. i think you should go for the 21" lg 1600x1200 for $470, looks like a much better deal.
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