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Hi. I ran into some fake antivirus spyware stuff and I was wondering on if someone could give me some advice on getting rid of it. I have used Ad-ware SE and Spybot Search and Destroy. Though these did get rid of alot of the stuff that was originally freezing my computer it could not get rid of all of it. The fake antivirus program i got onto my computer was Winantivirus pro 2006. I was being an idiot and did not stop to think on what it was.
Anyways all thats left is a bunch of pop ups now that are usualy either having fake virus or fake spyware warnings that ask me to go to the sites such as the site for that program and severl others. Also in my control panel Winantivirus pro 2006 is still in there.
I was also wondering if anyone knows anything about ewido antispyware/malware and Hijack This. I have been looking at several websites that have always said the usage of Hijack This and a couple that have asked for the usage of ewido to get logs, but I am wondering if I am walking into another death trap for my computer or not, so I just wanted some feed back on all this. Thank you for your help.
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  1. Ewido is one of the better anti-spyware programs currently available... I've used it to clean machines that I could not otherwise get clean. HiJack This! is a powerful tool... but if you're not careful, you can delete stuff necessary for some programs to run properly. That's why these guys usually ask you to post logs... they are able to determine what should be removed and what needs to stay.
  2. If you can get to the net, go to and use their online antispyware scanner and remover. This should get rid of it.
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