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I want to buy a custom desktop, easy requierements: Internet surf, photo and movies (HD) editing, planning to use Adobe Elements 10. Budget $750 max.

Can you recommended me a good place to built the desktop and the specs I need to included, I dont have an idea, but I dont want to buy a already built Dell or HP.

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  1. well you have many options here, but first if you are not gaming and not doing heavy multitasking then your pc would be really cheap.

    theres cyberpower,ibuypower, you can choose every single part and build a pc in neweeg, or go to your nearest micro center. Its always cheaper to build the pc yourself imo, those 2 webs sell you the same stuff that neweeg and charge u like 20 or 30 dlls more for each thing, and they don't let you choose brands. But if you want a plug and use pc then go for ibuypower.
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