It's a virus or only windows xp ???

Hello everybody!
Something strange happened to my laptop.
I went out for a week and now I cannot reconnect to my
wireless lan at home !
Also when I connect a ethernet cable the laptop says nothing.
I use Windows XP sp2.
I tried the commands: ipconfig and netstat but they produce no
Is a new type of virus or malware?
I used only Widows firewall and defender!
(I don't have a antivirus on my laptop)

Thanks a lot
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  1. hi chap, very strange, first thing i'd do is check device manager to ensure that both cards are installed and enabled.

    Also, I know that my Dell disables all networking by default when on battery, are you running on the mains?

    Have you got any other machines in the house? If so, are they connected OK?

    If you need help with any of the above, reply and I/We can talk you through it. (unless anyone has any other ideas?)
  2. The cards are installed, they look that there is no connection, but
    the wifi signal is strong and the netwrk cable works!
    The laptop is connected to the electric line.
    Now I will reinstall windows!
    I don't understand why it happened!
    Probably a virus or malware!
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