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Hey all,

I'm starting school at the end of this month and don't have any kind of word proccesor for typing up papers and such. Can anyone give me some info on the different programs? Which ones give me more bang for my buck (spell check, thesaurus, grammer check etc..) Are there any quality free ones available? And if not should i just bite the bullet and buy microsoft office sute? Thanks for any info!
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  1. You could check out OpenOffice, since it's free it doesn't hurt to at least look at it. Other than that maybe look into MS Works, it's a cheaper version of MS Office with somewhat scaled down functionality. If you're going to college, you should be able to buy MS Office at a significant discount from your college bookstore.
  2. Your best option is to buy MS Office as listed above. However, if you want free, I think Abiword found at http://www.abisource.com/ is a great deal for the price.
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