ATI - You are a total joke.

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  1. OK - I'll bite. Where did you hear this from? In one of the other posts (the one with the picture of the rock), they still talk about the official realease being in Tunisia "in a couple of weeks." Sorry if there was a link in your post, or some other explanation, but I just didn't see one.

  2. Malazan means "flame bait" in some language is my guess.....
  3. so you are saying for the record that AMD had bought a joke?
    and what is the purpose of posting this? 8O
  4. This morning at about 1:30 (PST) I had some gut wrenching pain and took one of the roughest dumps of my life.
  5. well thats just lovely. ;p
  6. ok
    first of all the affirmation is an idiot one
    how can you say that ...just because ATI is delaying One card ?..ok sorry about the timing buddy we all shall speak with the chairman of ATI to hurry up the card release ... for you ! l :D
    second i think the purpose of this forums is to share and to learn .
    these affirmations make these forums look like some amateurhardwarekrazykillingmachinesidonthavemoneyforthisrig
    maybe it is the first ant the last one i hope (fingers crossed)
    i don't think ATI is a joke i'm an nvidia user but i admire ATI for some reasons....ATI users know why :D
    ps about reporting ...let him be ..must be immaturity kickin'
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