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I am looking for a free PDF creator program that is easy to use. I need to deploy this on about 50 PCs in my office and it needs to be idiot proof, I looked at some of the open source PDF creators and they work well but have too many options for users to screw up. I just want something that lets you print to the PDF printer and then save the file as PDF. Any ideas?
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  1. My company uses Adobe... pretty simple stuff
  2. Quote:
    My company uses Adobe... pretty simple stuff

    But fails the FREE requirement :D
  3. If it's for a office with 50+ computers and employees... you shouldn't have a problem with the money to get licences for software, especially for something that's with you for virtually ever. Unless your over your budget, then that's a different problem ;)
  4. I just spent $40k on new PCs, so I'd like to avoid spending any more money right now. That's why I specified free in the original post... :-P
  5. Anything without advertising popups?
  6. Quote:

    Yeah, I didn't try that already or anything.. :?
  7. if you are looking for a PDF creator solution for your office then the application should be simple and easy to use interfaced tool for your employers. it is important to choose the best possible application and download them. there are many solutions present and you can download PDF creator for your PC that suits your requirement easily,
  8. Use classic PDF converter here and you will be able to have your problem solved. its low prices yet very efficient.
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