x1950XT VS x1950Pro (Already have the pro)

Okay, this is a noobish topic, for that, I apologize! However, I am having trouble deciding if this is worth it.

I found a HIS x1950XT IceQ Pro Turbo for right at $175. I already have an ASUS x1950Pro that I paid $160 for. Now, I love the x1950Pro to death, but at my resolution, Oblivion and Gothic put a choke hold on the poor card! It is still playable, but skips at times and gets low fps. (not a slideshow by any means)

Now, I can sell the x1950Pro for little loss at the moment, but since R600 is just around the bend, I am trying to decide if this is a worthy upgrade?

I may go with the 8800GTS 640 or x2900xt later on, depending on the price/performance ratio, but at this rate, that could be the summer!

Don't try to convince me to buy an 8800GTS (especially the 320) right now because thats just not going to happen.

Will my Oblivion/Gothic3 gaming improvement be worth the ~$60 Upgrade?

Should I save my cookies till May?
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  1. Save those cookies! :D
  2. Quote:
    Save those cookies! :D

    its hard to wait and be patient.
    SAVE DOSE COOKIES! and then share them with me.
  3. Let me know if you'll be selling that Asus x1950pro. I'm interested if you are willing to sell it. Just let me know (including how long you've had it, as that may effect how much I'm willing to pay.
  4. They will stutter with an X1950XT nearly just as much.
  5. You'll be the first to know if I decide to sell. I've only had it for less then 2 weeks.
  6. i had a x1950 pro for one month and oblivion (and rainbow six vegas) where a bit dissapointing for me. it`s fast with benchmarks and lighter games but those titles brought it to it`s knees in a second.

    i sold it and got the x1900xt 512mb and these games play much much better! i hoped it would make a difference but it was far more greater than i thought it would be. i just don`t know if it has a lot to do with the 512mb ( i play only at 1280x1024 with all high and af+aa) but i am very glad i did the exchange. the extra 12 pipelines surely help a lot with heavy games!

    r600 will be much more expensive and the midrange ati and nvidia won`t be alot faster (if any) than the x1900xt/x1950xt except for the dx10 support.
    so i can wait for the pricedrops of the r600/8800gtx (due to 8900gtx?) and wait for the dx10 games to finally show up by the end of the year.

    SO GO FOR THE X1950XT!!! :wink:
  7. Quote:
    They will stutter with an X1950XT nearly just as much.

    On Ultra High at 1680x1050 (with all of the "make it pretty" mods) it isn't terrible currently, even with low FPS it only stutters when turning around quickly in first person mode. I can turn it down to high (still 4xAA and HDR) and it doesn't do it quite as much, but the image quality loss isn't worth the upped FPS.

    I think I'll just save my cookies for now.
  8. Even with a decent average framerate in Oblivion you get stuttering when you travel in the wilderness because of background loading. As these probably represent your main source of frustration with the X1950Pro, there's about nothing to gain from a small GPU upgrade, because the background loading has nothing to do with the GPU speed.

    At that res, you could use 2XAA and it would be as good. Try fine-tuning the settings following one of the tweak guides for Oblivion (easy to find on google, I'm lazy right now) instead of the generic pre-defines they give. That way you can certainly gain a lot of fluidity for no money at all! (Just a nice share of your precious gaming time :wink: ).
  9. Thanks for the tips!! I have tweaked Oblivion to make it pretty, but not to make it run better, haha. I'm assuming your speaking of ini tweaks, correct? I'll see what I can find.

    Also, I tried 2xAA, but jagged lines own me :cry:
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