LimeWire PRO won't stay shutdown!

This is really strange. The option in LimeWire PRO is unchecked to startup at system boot but it still starts up. No big deal right? But here is the strange thing. It doesn't come up in msconfig and when I close the program completely, about 2 minutes later it opens back up by itself! I have checked all options and see no reason for this to be happening. Can anyone help me get the program to stay closed? Thanks in advance!
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  1. This is what I'd do, instead of looking for hours for a fix or a reason of why it's starting on it's own (assuming it's out of the startup and not just minimized in your tray when you "shut down") I'd uninstall, and reinstall... Start it up fresh again :)
  2. Uninstalled, reinstalled, re-downloaded and installed. Still nothing works! Any ideas? I have never seen something like this happen so I have no clue.
  3. I had just gotten linked to there from a different forum. Thanks! Got it fixed and seems to be working fine now. Thank you again for spending your time helping me :)
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