New PC...questions about prepping for Wireless

I'll be going with DSL and most likely a Linksys WAP.

1) I'm considering are B vs. G. What would be the best bet for me? The WAP would be in a first floor and the signal would have to go upstairs and to the back of the house. Is there any reason I should even go with the G-standard?

2) There's a Linksys B compliant WAP and card for laptops being sold as a bundle. I'd need a wireless PCI card for the PC upstairs, but would getting the bundle first and testing the laptop's signal upstairs be a good test for how good a signal I could get before going out and buying another wireless card?

3) I've got a network setup between the older PC and my laptop. Would I be better served deleting that profile from Windows and starting a new one with all three on the network or is it ok to just add the new PC?

4) I have yet to pick an OS for the new PC. I have XP Home on the other two machines. Any reason to switch to XP Pro on the new PC or would there be any compatability issues?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. 1. either fine. g faster
    2. yes
    3. need new network setup
    4. only if you want remote desktop
  2. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it.
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