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If anyone would have any Anthlon Processors 1900+ and above they would like to sell please let me know, I need a motherboard and case to fit those processors as well, trying to upgrade my system and use the parts out of this one, but to upgrade processor I need a new motherboard and case anyone that would have any advice or parts please respond, looking to do this ASAP.
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  1. If you have a credit card, I would order a refurbished board from Some boards come "bare bone" with no drivers or manual, so you may have to download them. They also have refurbished cpus ocassionally. The best time to check is wed or thursday for new offerings.
  2. ygpm

    If you ever stop learning, YOU'ER DEAD!!
  3. PM answered sorry for delay
  4. ygpm again and no problemo.

    If you ever stop learning, YOU'ER DEAD!!
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