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How to recover my previous account on toms???

i am very upset to see my toms account banned :pfff:
i never post any objectionable posts but still today i found my account banned!!!!!
can anybody help me to recover account was HELLFIRE24(hellfire24)
i am really very sorry if i did any mistake(but i guess i never did any).
SO plz help me ASAP
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  1. i have also banned by hunter315 my account was "pro-gamer"
    but i create new one for help let's PM to any moderator.
  2. how did you get banned???any idea??i know you "were" a good person IMO.
    what are you going to do next???
    what shall i do?
  3. i insult a guy in laptop section but not too much, op ask a question about a gamming laptop and he also mention a link of laptop which have i5 cpu,4gb ram, and hd 6550 gpu i think the guy who have insulted by me he answer to the op "don't buy that laptop it haven't a dedicated graphics so it's not good for games. But when i see the link and it have a dedicated gpu 6550 after this op reply's to that guy "thanks"
    but in amazon site they said it have a gpu and sure it have.guy reply oh i didn't see that sorry because i don't know much about laptops.then i reply to that guy
    "hahaha don't make me laugh anymore it have a gpu without gpu how is this possible to play games rather it have i5 cpu.than hunter 315 came and banned "why" cause you insult that time he blind when i was a newcomer and a guy i think you know him "robjordy" he always back on me when i was online but hunter315 won't banned on him why? hunter send me private messege messege in which he wrote duration time 2days.
  4. thnx for info.ask about me if possible.once again thnx
  5. welcome! and how did you get banned?
  6. Hey, don't feel bad, I got fired as a Mod for telling a poster to RTFM. And it was a really simple question.
  7. pro-gamer1

    Your ban is lifted tomorrow,so you will have access to your original account!
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    Your ban is lifted on the 23rd,so you will have access to your original account on that day!
  9. oh my sweet thank you very much.
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  11. hello hellfire24 today i will be release from jail :)
  12. congratulations and all the best.
  13. oh thanks i think your releasing date is tomorrow?
    but my pro-gamer account is still banned.
  14. 11-22-2011 at 11:39 PM

    pro-gamer release time ^
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