New computer old monitor problems??Plz Help

Ok I bought a computer from cyberpower pc and I plugged everything In but there is a problem with my monitor.

I have a 17" dell monitor from 05 that I was planning to use with the computer.
I plugged In the power cable and plugged it into the computer, but the screen does not show up.
No picture comes up, the only thing that lights up is the power button on the monitor(orange)
I tried another monitor(the one I am using on this computer that i am on now) but same problem.
The monitor works because I plugged it into this computer and it worked.

I did not install windows 7 or any drivers on my new pc because that would be impossible, please help me!
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  1. Did you plug your monitor to the graphic card (I assume it came with one) on your pc?
  2. does your graphics card have 2 inputs? if so plug it in the other one
  3. Are you sure that you have it on the right input? most LCD's have two or three inputs such as VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Assuming this is a new computer its probably DVI so chose that input on the monitor because its probably still on the VGA input from the old computer.
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