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Hello all..I have a question..Can i install my old HD in a new comp setup by installing the OS over the exsisting OS on the HD?the currant OS is on a Dell and my new comp is AMD..the reason i ask is because i dont want to Format then reinstall the OS and Programs..
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  1. You might get away with doing a repair... but I wouldn't count on it.
  2. Thanks for the reply..Ok since i have to buy a new WinXp OS wich one do i buy?there are so many of them OEM...RETAIL..Upgrades..so what do i buy for my Home built Comp?
  3. Unless you like calling MS, stick with the OEM. It's cheaper because it doesn't come with free telephone support from MS. Nowadays, telephone support is becoming less and less important for those that know where to look.

    So save yourself some money and go with OEM.
  4. go for OEM, i dont know anyone who as ever used a call centre, and anyproblem the 'diagnose' can be done in half the time using the search button here.
    as to the OS over the OS
    you 'can' connect a hdd from a different system to a new one without formatting it, though it is very unstable because alot of the drivers are often for the other motherboard, btw, if u've got a dell, have a look on the case, there should be the serial number for windows, if it is OEM then no problem, just get a copy of windows which is the same version i.e. if it is a pre SP1 or SP2 then you will have to find the coresponding disk. check to see if the dell disk is OEM or specific recovery

    i Installed a copy of XP on my desktop using the serial from an old laptop, worked fine for me
  5. Thank for helping guys..ive been going crazy with this new comp..ok i have another question.. how do i know if its a OEM copy of xp?

    and for those that have helped thank you so much..:)
  6. if you buy it it will say that its an OEM copy
    if you tyhink that you have one already have a look at the sticker with the serial number, It will tell you what kind of copy it is i.e. it should say something like;
    Product Key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

    ala this
  7. Oh ok thanks..I guess im out of luck it says Windows XP home Edition with Dell under it..:(
  8. if you have a SN try it anyway.
    cant hurt but for a few hours. if you update it completly and it doesnt say that it is a fake then there's no problem
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