Intel Matrix Storage Manager boot delay on P5B Deluxe/WiFi

I just posted this on the ASUS board, but haven't gotten any useful advice. I hope I can find some help here.

I setup a RAID 0 array and the setup seems to work fine and is reported by the Intel Matrix Storage Manager during boot.
BUT, since I did this, the storage manager just sits there for a while (60 sec or so) during boot time.
I followed the instructions from post but to no avail. Still see the problem.

Any advice would be very welcome.

Asus P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP rev 1.04G
BIOS 1004
Storage Manager version reports as:
Drives are connected to SATA1 + SATA2 (first two ports)
DVD-Writer connected to third port.

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  1. Somebody? Any idea?
  2. Ok, because I did not get any help to fix this I took matters in my own hand.
    A complete CMOS reset (remove battery + jump the CLR CMOS) fixed the problem.
    I am jsut writing this for future reference in case anybody else has this problem.
    After the reset, I did go back into BIOS and the only change I made was for the IDE controller to be set to RAID. The RAID controller itself still had my previously setup RAID stored, so I did not have to do that again.

    After that the system booted fine and I am in the process of installing Windows XP Pro (using F6 method).

    What was really cool: I did not need a floppy drive for the driver. The utility from Intel installed the driver onto my USB thumb drive. I booted the ASUS board with the thumb drive plugged in and Windows F6 driver selection picked up the driver from the USB stick.

    Thats it - thanks for looking.
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