Is it my MB or PSU likely fried?

Boot to no beep nothing. Only fans, video light, hd orange light, front power switch is green but can not turn off. Turn off by psu switch only. 4 pins (2 yellow, 2 black) square connector on the upper and back of mb is burned on the 2 yellow pin.
Is it my MB or PSU likely fried?
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  1. Lights turn on so a problem with the PSU is highly unlikely. Sorry, I think it's your MB. Scorching is a bad sign. I'm guessing the system was up and running for a while, this is not a new build? Were you doing anything naughty..??? A little OC maybe, little bit of overvolt...?If the damage is on the board I think you're done for, but you can try a different PSU to put your mind at ease.
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