GeoForce 8800 GTX - how many PCI slots will be lost?

Possibly anyone could help me with this one. Im interested in purchasing the Geoforce 8800 GTX card along with the Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 motherboard (Ive tried to include a picture but was unsuccessful. Ive included a link to the board at the Gigabyte website). All Ive read about is how big the card is in terms of length and height. Can anyone tell me how many slots I would lose due to the height of the card???

On this particular card will there be a problem with the video card blocking the orange PCI 8x express lane or hitting the chipset or cooling???

Motherboard Image Link

Thanks 8O
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  1. Hi 'KevDog'. I have an 8800GTX on a Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 Rev 3.3.

    You will lose the white PCI slot in between the first blue and the orange obviously, you shouldn't lose the orange. It doesnt cause any problems with my cooling but my cooling setup is a bit different. The heatsinks on your mobo should be low profile enough (around the hight of the PCI-E socket. The DQ6 is a very expensive board, I can't imagine they would not take into account the most expensive consumer graphics card!

    I'd say you'll be fine, although if you go SLI (no point) the two cards will be mighty close to eachother but they should go. Don't forget the 8800GTX has an exhaust, so should be ok.

  2. Id like to stick a 3ware RAID 5 card in the physics slot, just want to make sure this will fit. Not enough money to afford 2nd video card at this time!
  3. You'll lose the PCI-x slot the card is plugged into and the next closest PCI slot. No more. A company wouldn't make the latest SLi mobo with three PCI-x slots and not be able to use all of them. It will not conflict with the bridge coolers.
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