LGA 775 Mobo for cheap

I currently have a Dell Dimension 8400 which I bought before I knew any better. I am looking to pull most of the parts out of it and start over. I was looking for a half way decent mobo for it. Right now I have a Pentium 4HT @3.2
1.5Gb DDR2 Ram 677 i think
2x 200GB WD Sata 1.5 Gbs
160 GB Seagate Sata 1.5 Gbs
34.7GB WD Raptor
ATI x300 PCI-E Video Card( I know it sucks)
Some netgear Wireless card
I am looking to do alittle overclocking, and hopefully upgrade the processor soon so a MB that supports atleast Pentium D preferably Core2Duo would be nice. I am planning on picking up a cheap ass case to throw it all in for the time being, and will get a new PSU. I was thinking ~5-600 watts, will that be enough or do I need to go higher. I don't do alot of hard core gaming or anything to graphics intensive but I am looking to step it up alittle(7600gs maybe, the price looked pretty good). Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated
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