My Documents redirection causing issues with Battlefield 2

My PC is a member of a Windows 2003 domain, and the My Documents folder is redirected to a share on a server via group policy. The folder works fine, I.E. I can access it, and it synchronizes with the server just fine.

I have a game, Battlefield 2, that stores all of its configuration data in a subfolder of My Documents. I'm not sure why they thought this was a good idea, or why they didn't use the application data folder instead, but anyway... the game isn't saving the configuration like it should be, so everytime I go to play it has the default config.

I'm not sure exactly why it's not working the way I have it setup, but I did a bit of Googling and found other people with the same issue related to MyDocs redirection.

I tried contacting EA Games for support, but of course their support techs are clueless to this sort of thing. Any ideas as to what I could do to try and work around this problem? The only solution I've been able to find thus far is to create a local account on my machine and log on to that to play. The My Docs isn't redirected for that account, but that's just a big hassle to have to deal with multiple accounts.
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  1. based on what i know of the issue, the alternate account option is your only one, till EA fixes the problem.
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