DVD burner: Extern USB!

Hi all,

I've asked on all hardware-related forums of my own nation, but had little to no help, as no one knew much about it. Maybe you can help me?

I need a DVD burner (DVD -R and also RW, if possible) that I can connect to my laptop via USB. I really need this, as I have no stationary desktop computer and burn DVDs often.

The burner/writer needs to be stable and of good quality, though I don't have 250$ to spend. If I can get one for less while still being of good quality, that doesn't fail every other burn, I would be so happy!
Please give me your suggestions and/or link to reviews of burners from respected sites.

I would appreciate that,
Thanks in advance! :)

Jamie Moeller
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  1. I can tell, extern DVD writers are not a very common thing, by the few replies... Maybe it is just not sophisticated enough at this time, need more years for them to be popular and properly constructed?
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