Need help choosing the fastest 680i board, reply plz~

As the topic, im planning to buy a 680i mobo, also planned to oc it at least till 500fsb... so which is the fastest board out thr? evga or asus? some review says its the striker extreme, some says its the evga 680i.... im realy confuse and realy need help, since i read hundreds of review site, all gave different results.... T.T
so guys plz post ur comment on which is the fastest 680i board...
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  1. realy dying for help here, can u guys post a reply?
    just read a forum that evga oc to 522fsb(stable)
    the asus oc to 450(stable)
    do u all agree?
  2. Asus P5N32-E SLI NF680i
  3. I think it's safe to say that your mileage may vary on any of the boards available with a 680i chip set. They have similar overclocking abilities, and most reviews are old at this point so who knows where they all stand with new firmware updates.

    You should really choose by features. Some of the companies out there have added a lot of nice features to the reference board.
  4. issit truethat their performance are same? can some1 pot a triker tat exceeds 500+fb??
  5. Quote:
    issit truethat their performance are same? can some1 pot a triker tat exceeds 500+fb??


    I think you need a new 's' key, 'h' key, and possibly a spacebar.

    Are you asking if the asus striker has posted 500fsb?
  6. My vote for the 680i is the EVGA. From what I've read they're all similar and the EVGA board is cheaper than the others.
  7. if you could wait this would be a great mobo with its own nb passive cooler
  8. Sorry for my wrong spelling above, i was using a onscreen keyboard...
    yeah i mean could the striker exyreme exceeds 500fsb as the evga680i?
    caz the review that i read was realy old...
    oh bout the dfi 680i, i realy like it bt i just dont support ram above ddr800
    T.T i was a dfi fan....

    other who see this plz reply n giv ur comments plz...
  9. Well the Asus Striker is the best board out there, but it costs (and probably isn't worth it). It's what extreme overclockers are using: if you look on 3dMark, they're all using this board, so yeah, it will give you the highest fsb possible.
  10. Well i don care for the price... how fast its is and its ocing capabilities is wut im concern.... i love the dfi mobo, bt its a 680i lt, nt a 680i!
    any one hav ideas? will dfi realese a 680i(not 680i lt) mobo? desperate for help here....
  11. OK this might help you: get the Gigabyte N680SLI-DQ6. Can achieve 520fsb.

    HEre's a link of a review:

    Don't know where it's available, however. I couldn't find it on NewEgg.
  12. i think i'll rather get the striker rathe thn the gigabye... reason? its faster, more ocyable, more stable, n feature loaded n pretty, with those lights, bling bling XD

    Still waiting for dfi though, if thrs a 680i out at may, i'll grab it... i wont get the lt caz it doesn support ram above ddr800 T.T
  13. ?????

    Your 'reason' here is flat out incorrect, according to the article I just linked...

    If the Gigabyte board is available, I would think that it's a no-brainer. That review couldn't be more glowing: it's positively drool-worthy as a board.
  14. well, theres alot of proof that the striker is the fastest board availeble now, since it also has a nice bundle.... i might as well get it, read the comment on newegg to c which board is faster... XD
    well dfi is nt goin to make a 680i so i might as well get a striker...
  15. If money is no object, you will not be disappointed with the Striker Extreme. Go for it and enjoy!
  16. Thx for the reply...
    But im still nt convinced that the striker is the fastest 680i, i'll maybe wait for the dfi...
    just cant made up my mind... :wink:
  17. cheapest 680i board is the Asus P5N32-E SLI, it underperforms the Striker very very very marginally in some tests and out perfromed it in other tests( again marginally ), google the comparison, its on the web im just at work and cant be hunting around for links if you get me. Anyways bottom line is how big is your wallet :)
  18. I can't for the life of me understand why you've dismissed the Gigabyte offering. Is it because you don't like mobos that begin with the letter 'g'? Seriously, wtf?
  19. No.... its just because they r nt that goodlooking a performs slightly slower thn asus or dfi... well, any1 know whn is the dfi 680i coming out?
  20. If you can i'd wait for some good reviews of dfi's 680 offerings unless you're in a hurry.
  21. well im building my machine on may, bt does the dfi support memmory above ddr800? at the spec sheets of dfi rd600 it say i supports up to ddr800 bt in reviews and reporst say it can support more thn that.... lol
    well i think i'll wait for the dfi 680i lt, bt whn is it comin out? :(
  22. As long as your ram and cooling are good then you should get >500fsb. The lanparty caters for this by having extra good cooling on the northbridge. If you look at the xtremesystem thread someone has managed 525.
  23. well im for the dfi board... dut i duno whn it will hit the shelves...
    it oc's like a beast... in a sample board with first realesed bios it did 525fsb wtf the evga did it only after numorous dios updates... kudos to dfi.... i think now im biased XD
  24. Asus used to make decent motherboards but recently ive seen very cheap boards from this huge manifacturor
    You may consider Evga 680i mobo
  25. First, forget looks man. The prettiest mainboards thru the window often have the shoddier construction. Asus, these last few of years, is a perfect example of this. To me, Asus has a case of 'she was pretty last year'.

    With regard to the 680i: There are ten, perhaps eleven board partners I am aware of. Five of them are producing the actual nVidia Designed reference board, so from a feature point of view, they are all identical, down to the very last circuit. The only difference is potentially the quality of actual components and construction, as their suppliers for most parts will all be different. If you buy a reference board, the idea is to get the best quality construction, since the boards themselves are identical to an end user. The reference boards are built by eVGA, BFG, XFX, ECS and Biostar. Look at warranties, look at each board's quality claims.

    The other five board partners are developing their own designs around the 680i core logic... there are some interesting solutions out there that have a controller chip or two sprinkled around, so they are not identical in terms of features, board layout, etc. The companies doing this are ASUS, DFI, MSI, Gigabyte and ABIT. Most 680i non-reference boards have been announced, but are not available yet. All claim to be shipping large numbers to non-OEM distributors by Q3 2007. The Asus boards are available today, as are the ABIT boards, I believe... Im not sure the others are shipping yet, and I know the DFI Lanparty version definately isnt.

    Foxconn also has a 680i board, but I never heard of them being a board partner at all when the 680i was announced, so its likely a last minute reference board deal with Foxconn.

    An Asus striker is a board being advertised and sold to gaming enthusiasts, and Asus produces an identical board in the P5N32-E SLI for a whole lot less. Look at photos of both boards, they are the same beast. Perhaps there is a tiny difference here and there, but nothing remotely close to being worth that premium.

    I also tend to favor the Gigabyte solution, in this case. MSI, not usually a contender in the enthusiast market, also seems to have a nice 680i board. DFI makes some boards I like, but the support is awful, so I dont tend to build them for my friends. Ive never owned a mainboard from the reference board list, so Im not in a position to recomend there. I remember you mentioned an eVGA 500+ frontside overclock... This means, in theory, all reference boards, given proper cooling, should do that just fine. In theory lol.

    Hope this helps.

  26. Quote:

    An Asus striker is a board being advertised and sold to gaming enthusiasts, and Asus produces an identical board in the P5N32-E SLI for a whole lot less. Look at photos of both boards, they are the same beast. Perhaps there is a tiny difference here and there, but nothing remotely close to being worth that premium.

    The difference is the striker has LED's, reset and power off on the mobo, the P5N32-E SLI doesnt, also the striker has a NB cooler( i think its NB, maybe SB ), but i guess if you wanted that it would be a lot cheaper to buy your own for a P5N32-E

    I think the P5N32-E is an excellent board, my only con would be that the board runs hot, on load the mobo sensor says 40degrees Celcius, i have a XFX 7800GTX( which is a power hungry beast anyway ) and on this board it runs 12Degrees Celcius hotter than on my old ASRock, its running at 98Degrees on full load 8O, but that could be because its on a PCI-E x16. I have a scythe mine cooler on the CPU, so it only gets to 38degrees max OC'd to 2.8( tbh ive only started tinkering with the OC'ing and i need it stable )
    Overall its a great board for a great price, but i think ill need to buy better case fans and maybe a NB cooler down the line especially if i get an 8800 or R600

    Also one small disadvantage with the board is that the SATA ports are in an awkward place so connecting another sata cable after the mobo is installed in the case can take a few minutes, im sure the same will apply for the striker too so connect all your sata cables before you install it
  27. well im still waiting 4 da dfi mobo...
    if its still nt out by may, im gonna get a striker...
    well any1 seen a striker pass 520fsb?
    link plz XD
    tq 4 replying~
  28. Quote:

    well any1 seen a striker pass 520fsb?

    8O , that would fry my 6400 @ 4.16Ghz
  29. Quote:
    if you could wait this would be a great mobo with its own nb passive cooler

    Looks like an amazing board.
  30. Well still need help here? which mobo
    my choises are
    EVGA 680i or Striker Extreme~ plz giv me comments plz
    heard that evga can oc quad cores better thn the striker~
    but then again, the striker is full of features~
    well can anyone post how well does the evga and striker oc?
    THx~ to all those who had replied...
  31. bump XD
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