Powerful PSU should not damage system?

I just got my Corsair HX620W today, and I want to put it in my old computer just for the hell of it :D (untill its placed in my new build at the end of the month).
It will be replacing a 300w PSU but will it deliver to much power and maybe damage something? I presume the answer is no, but I just want to make sure before I make an asumption.
It'll be powering a 2.2ghz celeron, 1 HDD, 1 DVD drive, 1 floppy, SiS 650 motherborad with intergrated graphics, all of which are about 4 or 5 years old. I dont know if older mobos require different voltages or something....
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  1. the PSU will deliver exact the amount the system needs. no worry s
  2. NO it shouldn't have any issues. Just double check what kind of mobo connector you have right now. I believe you will have a 20 pin connector and your new PSU has the option for a 20 +4 pin connector, so you should be fine. What make of computer do you have? Is it home made or store bought?
  3. Good that what I thought, and my motherboard does have the correct connections.

    Its a Packard Bell imedia (dont know what model because it doesnt say in the manuel). I've taken it all apart many times (out of curiosity and because the cpu fan died) and I've become quite acustomed to its features - it has very few. And its upgrade options were naff because the cpu heatsink is not removeable, my PSU was never good enough, and it only has AGP x4.

    I'm really excited about my new build, never seen what a high end PC can do in terms of gaming. Only recently had a taste of a laptop that was better than an old Xbox, and that only had a mobility x300 in it, but it could play Halo superbly. And thats a really low end GPU, cant wait for my 8800gts or ATI equivilent.
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