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well i wanna update my laptops video card i'm not shure if there are any out there that i can put into my system or what not but i've got an hp pavilion ze4600 with amd athlon it's got 704 mb of ram 1.8 g processor with windows xp just curious if anyone know's of any vid cards i can put in this i'm trying to play command and conquor 3
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  1. Im not 100% sure but isnt that video card onboard. (Meaning its part of the motherboard)
  2. yeah i just looked up you computer. you cant upgrade that video card. IF you havent done this alreay you can go into BIOS (hit F2 at boot) and dediacate 256 mb of ram to video.

    If that doesnt work i would take a guess you need a new laptop.
  3. That laptop does not have a video card that can be replaced. Look at this on page 4-3 for replaceable parts, which doesn't list a video card. I also suspect the 1.8 GHz M Celeron wouldn't be great for gaming. Perhaps you can find some kind of external video card for it.
  4. He said that it was a amd althlon. But if it is the model that comes with a 1.8 celeron i know that you can upgrade it because i have a compaq 2100 (basically the same thing) that i have put a 2.4 P4 in.
  5. You are correct about the processor, but the issue with upgrading the video still stands.
  6. Alrighty then,who can recommend an inexpensive(or reasonable) laptop that would allow future upgrades of the video card and able to play cs,css?I would'nt mind knowing myself,thanx :D .
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