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I have a friend thats started having some issues with cookies and passwords, mainly on ebay but some other sites as well. This supposedly is happening with both Firefox and IE which is strange.

For instance on Ebay she keeps getting a message that cookies aren't getting accepted and when she's logged into Ebay she also keeps getting asked for her password all the time. And the browser doesn't seem to be refreshing correctly either, not showing the correct number of auctions she has going or the correct times. Another example, she'll log in go to her auctions, refresh, says can't accept cookies, ask for password, just a viscious circle like that. And a few times it will generate one of those would you like to send an error report to Microsoft messages.

Nothing has really changed with the computer, it started acting up like this a couple of weeks ago and has steadily gotten worse. Of course have looked at the obvious stuff......

Running XP, all updates on DSL with a Linksys router. The computer doesn't lock up, or crash, no other flaky activity besides this.

She has a laptop with a wireless connection to the router and hasn't had any problem on that.

Kinda stumped on this one, could it be a bug of some sort? Corrupted registry?

Thanks for any time you devote to this question!!
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