Windows XP w/ Service Pack 2 F/S/t

Hey guys today i have sale a bunch of copies of windows xp home, pro and comperate. The disks themselfes are burned but the keys are all legit. get them here for cheap

home - 30$
pro - 40$
corp- 60$

aim- massacreinfallx
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  1. This post looks like a good candidate to be DELETED!!!! :D
  2. yeah probably, this isnt my main forum im just trying to get rid of these keys oh well...
  3. he probably made copies for himself activated and wants to make some money back now
  4. actually no, these are keys frommy dads work
  5. So their stolen keys then huh? Does daddys work know you have them?
  6. lol no theyre not stolen.

    they gave them out in a first come first serve manor.
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