Installing Xp Home edition from Recovery CD to new PC ???


I have just about finnished building my MSI K8N Diamond Plus and wondered if anybody can help me to understand if I can use my copy of XP home edition that originally came with my "Acer Aspire 1520" laptop.

These consist of two discs, one labelled System CD (bootable), the other a Recovery CD (Xp Home)

If the above is possible, should I be able to install Xp Home without causing any damage to my new pc ? and is there a right and wrong way to go about it ?

Also would I then be able to upgrade this Xp Home edition to Pro?

Any help (in simple mans terms!!) would be GREAT

Cheers in advance

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  1. Here's some info for you to read.

    I can tell you right now it ain't worth the trouble. You will never be able to activate it on your new machine. XP OEM COA's are the devils tool.
  2. Hey S.D

    Thanks for your speedy response :) ... not what I wanted to hear really but it gives me a better idea of what i'm dealing with!

    Can you tell me what will happen if I boot my new pc up with my old hard drive with Xp Pro on it?

    Don't know wether it makes any difference but my old motherboard was a MSI K7 and this new one is a MSI K8!

    Will Xp simply pick it up and boot into windows? OR will I have to do a clean install?

    Once again any help is greatly appreciated

    Cheers in advance

  3. If we're talking about the pre-installed XP that came on the Acer, simply putting the hard drive on a new motherboard will garauntee you a BSOD. It will not boot. Period.

    The old days of win95 and win98 were nice because you could do what you're trying to do. But with the pre-installed XP from the big companies, it's just an excruciating way to kill brain cells.

    There's plenty of cracked copies of XP Pro out there. Just don't install SP2 and you should be fine....I think. @@

    No I take that back. Don't even bother with a cracked copy either. Buy you an XP Home Edition for 90 bucks. I've had one since 2001. I've installed and reinstalled it 100's of times w/ different hardware.
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