I hate Windows x64

About 3 months ago I figured I should move into the x64 environment since I wanted to utilize my 64bit processors. I primarily use Adobe CS2 which I heard was 64bit supported. I also found out HL2 is 64bit. However other than having the title of x64 I saw no benefits at all.

Driver after another I find out my webcam and printer can't be used. All the programs I installed are in the legacy x86 folder. Some programs don't install correctly due to the folder confusion (you get two program files folders). And lots of games don't work anymore.

I reverted back and will not move back to a 64bit environment until more support comes out when Vista x64 launches next year.
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  1. I know some companies (Logitech) have been slow at releasing x64 drivers... but every piece of software I've tried with Vista x64 has been able to install and run. The only exception so far has been the newest version of iTunes.
  2. i agree that u dont really get an improvement with x64

    but wen i used it every program i used worked, i had no driver issues and everything installed fine even with the 2 program files folders.
    Also all games worked perfectly :wink:
  3. Yea, I've had problems with one game so far (Vampires Bloodlines). Also the new iTunes, my Logitech webcam, and Canon Printer.

    Also Adobe Acrobat couldn't install the PDF writer for the printer.

    I'm happy with my x86 Professional =P
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