Please help... dead hard drive

I've got a Hitachi Travelstar 100GB SATA notebook hard drive that's pretty much dead. Is there any way to recover the data from it without having to send it to the professionals that charge a small fortune? Thanks.
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  1. shameless bump... please help
  2. "pretty much dead" could leave room for interpretation. "Pretty much" as in it works once in awhile, or "dead" as in *%#@ thing doesn't work at all?

    You can allways try to hook it up to another computer through an external enclosure (might even plug right in to another mobo with the SATA and power cables). At least that would confirm if it's the drive or your laptop.

    The good news is: if it's dead, and it was 5400 rpm, you've now got an excuse to buy a brand new 7200 rpm drive and do a clean install!
  3. You aren't helping here man - providing "pretty much dead" as a diagnosis leaves it impossible for us to posit a prognosis.

    I can tell you that if the drive still spins, then "GetDataBack" (FAT or NTFS version is critical) will be able to extract all the remaining data. Importantly, STOP USING THE DRIVE IMMEDIATELY. Any further use will corrupt more data.

    You need to by a 3.5 to 2.5 " HDD converter kit (maybe $20?) and mount the drive in your desktop PC - BUT ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE INSTALLED GETDATABACK!

    Note: GDB will work with disks that do not show up in Windows, and in some cases, drives which do not even show up in the BIOS!
  4. I've used GETDATABACK a couple of years ago on one occasion. It sure saved my bacon! The data retrieved wasn't 100% complete, but it was close enough to please me immensely. I highly recommend it.
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