+Please help. Installing Windows XP+

This is what happened. I installed Windows XP on my computer, but since it wasnt a legit version, I did not activate it using the phone or the internet options.

Now that I have a new, legit Windows XP CD, I need you guys to help me get rid of the previous installs on my hard drive and instal this new CD. When I start the computer with the New CD in the CD tray, it doesnt load it, it just goes to asking if you would like to activate windows. So how am i supposed to install the new CD?

Or can I activate an un-legit copy of windows using a legit License key?

Thank you in advance :(
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  1. If you can put your new copy legit key, and activate it after, you won't have a problem at all. Your un-legit copy of WXP will now be legit.

    There is way to chancge your key, but I can't tell you by memory. But look around and you'll fing tools for this.

    Good luck!
  2. Enter the new key. All you're doing is turning your un-legit copy into a legit copy. No worries!
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