I realise i posted this in help, but im desperate

This is what happened. I installed Windows XP on my computer, but since it wasnt a legit version, I did not activate it using the phone or the internet options.

Now that I have a new, legit Windows XP CD, I need you guys to help me get rid of the previous installs on my hard drive and instal this new CD. When I start the computer with the New CD in the CD tray, it doesnt load it, it just goes to asking if you would like to activate windows. So how am i supposed to install the new CD?

Or can I activate an un-legit copy of windows using a legit License key?

Thank you in advance
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  1. Put your new Legit windows in your cd drive and when you boot, go into the BIOS and set your CD drive to boot first. You will have the option to format during the windows install.
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