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Hello people,

I recently setup the following network.

Internet connection through a VSAT ---> iDirect modem ---> Linksys router ---> From the LAN side one connection to a hub for an internet cafe and another connection to the roof broadcasting a wireless signal to another client not too far away. The second client recieves the signal ---> into Linksys router ---> into a hub and to all the machines.

I was wondering if it is possible to monitor the bandwidth usage going through the first router, from an existing computer on the network without having to put another machine to do so. The router does not have built in monitoring software but does support SNMP.

In other words... i want to see who is using more internet bandwidth... the internet cafe or the second client.

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  1. install perl, and then install MRTG and you can get perdy graphs of which port is using data in/out etc.
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