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i was wondering if u guys play UT using the keyboard and mouse....or is there some joystick than can boost the fun....if yes...please enclose it in details...thanks a lot...
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  1. Mouse and Keyboard is the best way to go. I don't know about any joysticks for FPS's. But I heard that if the dreamcast people play quake 3 online with their gamepads, they're toast.
    Have fun.

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  2. I am not sure about UT, but I know a couple of people who play q2 with a joystick.

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  3. Yes keyboard and mouse are the only way to go. Anything less and your history.

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  4. Totally.
    I saw one guy playing quake 3 on the keyboard. I almost fell on the floor laughing. Can you imagine turning around with the arrows?

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  5. Why aren`t such games defaulted to use the Shift-A-S-D and Spacebar for the movement keys? Inverted Mouse Look for the right hand of course. Isn`t that position the most comfortable for folks left hand to rest on?

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  6. I agree, if u r using a keyboard to play any of online fps, u better stay a spectator. I am yet to see a CS keyboard player though.

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  7. W-A-S-D is good, but I like the default Tribes 2 setting better. It's E-S-D-F, so you have more room to work, and the shift key is still close enough. You also have a better reach to the number keys, if you're someone who uses those.

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  8. I have played with joystick and keyboard/mouse...joysticks suck for FPS.

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  9. A Panther XL works great in UT, and HL,Q2,Q3 for that matter. It'a a joystick trackball combo. Stick in the right hand for movement and weapons etc , trackball in left used to "look" and a few more buttons to play with. Sadly out of production :( but the PXL Pro is eagerly awaited.

    Other than that alot of people use a joystick/trackball combo (separate pieces) a Saitek or CH F16 stick with a Kensington Expert Mouse Pro or cheapie Crystal Trackball seems to work well.

    But to be honest it all comes down to what you find most comfortable.
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