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Im going to get the e4400 most likely when it comes out in late April.
I think im going to oc it to about 3 ghz, or what ever is easier for the fsb ratio (3.33 Ghz)

I need an air cooler that has these attributes:
-safe with mobo when case is in motion
-cools completely safely at 3 ghz+
-is quiet
-easy to install

obviously i cant get everything i want, but ive found a few coolers that seem to be the best at the $30-$50 price range that im looking in, but this one seems to be the best overall, as it shoots air downward, cooling nearby components as well as the CPU

-Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX ~$50 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106061

any other suggestions? or is that good?
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  1. This works great and should exceed expectations as far as your list of needs. Although I have seen it, I'm not familiar with the Thermaltake HSF you linked.

  2. The Intel heatsink retention system for their LGA socket makes me feel unsafe to have ANY heat sink on the motherboard under ANY condition. :?

    But that's neither here nor there to answer your question.

    I have the Scythe Ninja Plus and it's pretty solid (as solid as the Intel retention system can get I suppose...) and I haven't had any problems with it. The Ninja Plus is surprisingly light....lighter than my Zalman 7000Cu+ for sure!

    EDITS: forgot to answer your other questions.

    The Ninja Plus keeps my E4300 sufficently cool at 3Ghz, no problems.

    I don't worry about moving my case around too much.

    It's quieter than my average 80mm case fan...I'm very pleased with its low noise.

    It's...well, perhaps not easy to install, but I didn't have any extraordinary difficulty either. I will say this much, probably on a lot of motherboards you won't be able to put it on or take it off without taking the motherboard out of the case.
  3. The VX is a new version of the Thermaltake Typhoon, the only difference being the new mounting system. Bad decision IMO by Thermaltake.

    You probably already know what my answer is going to be, Tuniq Tower 120 or Thermalright Ultra 120.
  4. I am an advocate of the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro.
  5. Yeah, i was actually looking at the ultra 120, but doesnt it need a 120mm fan that you buy separately?

    And the arctic cooling 7 costs like $60! Didnt it used to be about $30?

    Im just not sure, only because i learned that the typhoon also shoots cool air to the componenents around i.e. northbridge, which i heard runs hot on the ds3

    the tuniq is probably too big for the antec p180 case that i have, and the ultra 120 seems good, but im jsut not sure.

    I heard the new mounting system on the VX is crazy easy compared to the old one?

    Ninja seemed good, but it just seems like the mounting system is a little flimsy. im jsut not sure.
  6. The Ultra 120 weights less then the Tuniq, but it's taller. You dont HAVE to, but your temps would be alot better if you did.

    Screw Newegg for hsf's, they're waaaaaaaaay overpriced. Xoxide is much cheaper.

    The P180 is slightly bigger then my Lian-Li PC-7B, and the Tuniq fits fine in my case. The Ultra 120 however...

    Ever try mounting the stock intel hsf? It's about the same, maybe a little harder since the hsf is bigger.

    Eh, looks the same as any other mounting system that uses those clip things.
  7. Im confused.

    I thought the non-VX was out of circulation...

    Cause on xoxide it has a $40 one, and then a $55 one...

    Is the VX worth the extra price, or what? Im getting confused...
  8. Just because thermaltake has discontinued it doesnt mean retails dont have any stock left.

    The one for $40 is the old model, the VX is the one for $55.

    I would get the older one, since they're pretty much the same hsf, the older one is cheaper, and has a better mounting system (IMO).
  9. Ok, i already have some arctic silver that i jsut ordered, thats good for this right? Or should i use the sh!t that comes with it, if it does?

    The typhoon is good, right? Just a tad worse than the ultra, but is not as space consuming, right?
  10. Arctic Silver is fine.

    It's a decent hsf, and for $40 it's a great deal. The Typhoon is actually bigger then the Ultra 120, but it's alot shorter (32mm with the fan).
  11. the thermalright ultra is healps better than the 'phoon, especially since oyu get to choose what fan you put on it, so you an stick a huge ass high speed/high flow or a quieter one..
  12. rammedstein, how was your oc'ing with the e4300, as i think ill be oc ing the e4400 to about 3 - 3.33 ghz?

    the big typhoon should be good enough, because i wont go above 3.33ghz.

    but im jsut confused on which version ot get, the non-vx, or the vx...
  13. mkkk....?
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