PLEASE help!! Compaq Presario r3000 Power Port issue--

Thanks for all your time, guys :D

I have owned a Compaq/HP Presario r3000 laptop for about two years. One day, after I had come back from a trip, I found that the power cord (which was still plugged into the back of the machine) had either been stepped on/kicked. The sudden motion had snapped off the "prong" or "rod" of metal inside the module which the plug goes into. So I jauntily push the power button with a touch of my finger. Nothing happens. "Oh", I think, "It's just drained of power, nothing to worry about, I'll just plug it in." WAIT! It's already plugged in! :P OK... I double-check the plug that go into the wall and the port..both great. I unplug the thing from the wall and test the outlet. It's fine. Try it again. ...... Nothing. So then I look into the port and see the snapped prong. OUCH! I try to substitute a needle or a penny nail for the prong, but that causes smoke and sparks and I have to wedge it tight. And then I promptly lose the power cord. So.....anyone have ANY suggestions as to EXACTLY what model of power cord I should get and what I should do about the snapped prong?? I thought of using an external battery charger, but no charger seems to work with my battery model (an HSTNN-ib02), and it would be inconvenient for obvious reasons. So, besides taking it into a shop and soldering stuff on my own, is there any way I can fix this problem?

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  1. Warranty Expired. Don't want to pay 300 for a custom job.
    Plus: It was refurbished in the first place, so I'm not sure they would let me send it in. Any details??
  2. The words smoke, sparks, electricity, and computer in the same paragraph typically indicate a bad thing 8O .

    It's not clear what pins broke off. Here's a link to a replacement power supply and separate power cord: If it was the pins in the laptop itself, you really need to have a shop check it out to determine the extent of the damage and if it can be repaired. Actually, you should probably have a shop check it out anyway. They might even have an extra cord or power supply laying around.
  3. Thank you very much for a link to the model of cord and module. HP/Compaq wanted to sell me it for around $120.00, and refused to refer me to other retailers (of course). Um, I'm positive that the pin that broke off was a single metal pin within the port that the plug goes into. It snapped clean off and the metal of the contact on the motherboard is exposed. It wouldn't be a huge issue if I just soldered a new pin on, but getting to the internal supply would be hard and I might have to rip the outer metal casing off the port anyway. OK, thanks again
  4. Here's a link to the manuals for the R3000. I've got an R4000 so not sure about yours but the power connector bracket may be bolted to the motherboard so resoldering a new pin may be tricky. A quick tip for disassembling the laptop, a few dixie cups for the screws and a magic marker for identifying them will go a long way toward preserving your sanity when it's time to reassemble.

    Good luck!
  5. Leaving a laptop plugged in during transport is a bad idea. So is trying to stick a nail in as a replacement for the pin. On the plus side you sparks may just be the psu(sure hope the short circuit protection worked). in that case the laptop may still be alive. On the R3000 the plug does not have any open access to the inside(the sparks should have been contained and the pin should have never got into the computer to cause damage, the power surge is another story) on the laptop so there is s good chance it can be fixed.

    you can get a "new" jack from ebay

    With some time and soldering you can put a new one one. Be warmed taking apart the R3000 is a big task. you even need to take the screen off to get the board out.

    I also suggest you check all the video's from HP out to get familiar with taking that sucker apart

    If you want to talk to other R3000 owners head over to

    Hope you get it fixed up, those are good solid laptops
  6. WOW ... what a find!!!! I forgot about the r3000 forum since I had been going to the zv6000/r4000 forum until Pastkev (etal) discontinued it. The video link you provided omg for his R3000 is awesome and I was able to find the corresponding link for my R4000.

    8) 8) Nukemaster .... YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!! 8) 8)
  7. I have an R3000 :)
    my parents have one
    my 2 friends have them

    those suckers sold like mad when they came out.
  8. I just soldered on a new DC Jack on my R3000 This morning

    It is a VERY easy job

    The hardest part is getting to the jack

    I used this guide for a little of it and figured out the rest myself

    Pretty much all I did was take EVERY SCREW I could find out then I got to the mobo

    anyway I have yet to assemble it but I checked the connections with my multimeter and it seems good

    Ill take some pics later
  9. Well the test will come with the charging.

    Good work so far.
  10. I havent attempted to put it back together yet but I will let you know how it goes

    Another repair I need to do first though is replace the backlight inverter (been busted for ages) Ive just been using my monitor but now I would like to have a laptop lol
  11. Well its partially back together and it charges

    bad news , no picture ??

    the display isnt connected but when I hook it up to a monitor and boot up I hear the startup sounds but there is no picture :(

    im gonna put it together all the way and see what happens
  12. So, tell me.... How did you manage to freaking reassemble the power port. I had bought a new charger cuz my cat clawed at the wire and fryed it and a few months later i come home to find my freaking power port in my dam charger. :sweat: :fou: now the only way i can actually charge my computer is by putting it(being my charger with my port still attatched in it) at in angle and ramming it in ther while pulling the cord under my laptop leaving it at an awkward angle :cry:
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  14. hi, i don't know if you are still looking for a solution to your problem. I too have a loose dc jack problem on presario R3000 but I found this product on ebay that might solve the problem. I just ordered it so I have to wait and see, but here is what i'm talking about:

    it's called a Power jack for Compaq or Hp expansion port

    hope it help anyone else who's looking for a solution. :wahoo:
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