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My windows7 startup was very slow.I disabled all startup programs and non-windows services but still got the problem.Then I checked my event viewer and WTF! So many errors and warnings in Boot performance monitoring.Take a look:

what are these errors.One more thing that after entering password desktop appears after 15 seconds and taskbar and desktop icons appears after 1 or 2 minutes. Until then computer is unusable. But after then it become normal.
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  1. Install a product called Soluto and let it benchmark and analyze the system.

    Also, any errors in the SYSTEM or APPLICATION event logs?
  2. Very rare errors in System and application logs.I will give a try to SOLUTO and see what happens.Thanks for the answer
  3. Did you install your chipset drivers after installing windows?
  4. Yeah!All latest drivers are installed.Checked Soluto but didn't helped at all.
  5. One more thing I am using one IDE HDD(For operating system, and other one SATA(For other storage)
  6. In Soluto, what did it report as a big time taker? One of the purposes of that program is it will tell you what process took how much time to get started. You say there is a 1-2 minute delay after entering your password before the system is responsive. What does Soluto say is taking up hat time?
  7. XFIRE...taking 30-40seconds.But I installed it today.What about previous days.One more thing i forgot to tell you after entering password, welcome screen appears for just 10-15 seconds, after which a black screen appears, then task-bar, then wallpaper, then desktop icons, then gadgets and after all of them any other startup program starts. During this period I can't even right click my desktop(Looks like pc hanged). But after 2-3 minutes it comes back to normal routine(like nothing happened).I tried everything(Defragment, Antivirus scan, junkfiles removal, registry repair etc) But all in vain. I also tried uninstalling all unnecessary softwares, removing newly installed hardware but nothing happened.
  8. Fuzail56 said:
    One more thing I am using one IDE HDD(For operating system, and other one SATA(For other storage)

    Personally, I would have used the sata drive for the OS. How old is the IDE drive? Is it ATA33, ATA66, ATA100, or ATA133? Any way, IDE is pretty slow compared to sata drives.
  9. Yeah I think my hard drive is the problem, and I am going to change it with a SATA one.But the problem is that Windows7 is installed on IDE one.So please tell me how can i transfer it to my new hard drive without losing any data in C drive.
  10. I made an backup image of Windows7 on my SATA harddrive but when I try to restore it on sata drive, it gives me error.
  11. Quote:

    Several programs running at a time during the startup of your PC might result in Windows 7 slow startup issue. Thus you need to remove unused programs from the startup list of your system. The speed of the booting time of your system would definitely increase by the removal of such unwanted programs.

    I have already mentioned that i disabled all the startup programs and services.If you really want to help me then listen:
    When I enter password welcome screen appears for 10 sec, then a black screen for 7-9 sec, then task-bar appears,than wallpaper,and after 15-20 seconds desktop icons and gadgets appear.During this time and after 2-3 minutes, I cannot use my PC because it doesn't response.
  12. Try 360 Amigo and clean your system of old files, registry cleaners and optimizers
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